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Microdermabrasion & Sonophoresis

Ultimate Microplus Experience - 60min $140.00

Comfortably exfoliates & polishes skins surface with microdermabrasion, while Sonophoresis provides transdermal infusion of vitamin A & C into skin using non-invasive sound wave technology. Intensely nourishes, regenerates & hydrates most skin types.


Super Hydration Microplus Facial - 60min $115.00

Sonophoresis is a transdermal non-invasive infusion of active ingredients allowing maximum absorption. This treatment uses vitamin A & C to deeply regenerate cells to strengthen & firm

the skin. Recommended as an anti-ageing treatment & to help pigmentation concerns.

Microdermabrasion (Face Only)      $70


Microdermabrasion Facial (face + neck + décolletage) - 60min                  $100

Improves acne, pigmentation, open pores, congestion, minor scarring, fine lines & wrinkles by

softly lifting the skin's surface & exfoliating the epidermis. Best results ASAP products should

be used throughout the course of 6 treatments.

Microplus Advanced Acne Treatment (face, neck, dec)olletage) - 60min            $120

Comfortably exfoliates the skin, while stimulating circulation to assist in removal of toxin & congestion revealing a clearer complexion.

Super C Skin Blast - 60 mins                   (face + neck + décolletage)          $120

Removes dull skin to reveal beautiful, fresh, new skin. Stimulates collagen & elastin, while

treating sun damage & acne. Leaves skin glowing & smooth 

Gym for the skin workouts  $90

(Bridging the gap between normal facials & advanced facials – no prep, no down time -30 mins)


Replenish Workout – ultimate hydration for tired dull or dry skin. Hydrates, softens line, gives a smooth even surface.

Skin Refining Workout - Effectively treats uneven skin tone, sun damage, fine lines & wrinkles. This gentle & non-invasive workout is a powerful weapon against skin ageing that will leave skin feeling smooth, with a soft healthy glow.

Rejuvenation Skin Workout – provides instant recharge for dull skin, while treating a wide range of concerns – dryness, skin congestion & breakouts. Will provide noticeable results & a refreshed, radiant complexion.

Skin Pigmentation Workout – delivers a brighter & more even complexion. Fantastic fast acting peel treatment to combat pigmentation & sun damage, while building & boosting skins hydration.


Clear Skin Workout – treat acne from below the surface of the skin, super effective treatment to clarify, soothe & prevent skin impurities, skin will be left feeling smoother, withy a soft healthy glow.

Regeneration Skin Workout - Provides an instant boost for sun damaged & ageing skin. Assists in the repair of cellar DNA damage, to minimise the effects of premature ageing. 

Platinum Skin Workout - A multi-action treatment that helps to lock in moisture by strengthening the skins barrier function & reducing the appearance of hyper pigmentation, sun damage, fine lines & wrinkles resulting in firm, brighter & hydrated skin. 


ASAP Skincare Facials

Anti-Ageing Facial (45min)             $60

Minimize ageing, reduce fine lines & improve skin tone & texture, revealing clearer, firmer skin.


Bliss Facial for Sensitive Skin -30min $55

Designed for sensitive skins to gently hydrate & stimulate cell turnover, leaving skin clam

& soothed.


Antioxidant Facial - 45min           $60

Combat environmental stresses pollution, smoke, free radical damage. Potent & effective

antioxidants rejuvenate & revitalize, leaving skin feeling smooth, radiant & firm.

Revitalising Facial - 45min           $60

Simple & effective skin treatment will smooth, clear & rejuvenate skin.

Boost & Brighten Facial - 45min   $60

Ideal for mature skin, promotes cell turnover, stimulates collagen & reduces pigmentation.

Helps to prevent premature ageing by minimising fine lines, thickened skin & uneven skin tone.

Express Facial - 30min              $60

Mini facial - deep clean clogged pores, help congestion, soothe,

hydrate & restore.


Ultimate Hydration Facial - 60min  $90

Plump & saturate life back into dull dehydrated skin, cleans impurities, leaving skin bright,

hydrated & younger looking 

Bright Eye Rejuvenation - 25min    $35

Reduces fatigue & puffiness. Soothe, brighten & awaken the eye area, by relief from stress

& congestion.

Teenage Acne Facial - 30min     $55


Extractions (must be added to a facial) -                                              $20



Female Waxing: 

1/2 Leg lower (includes feet + toes) $38

1/2 Leg Upper (Thigh)                  $38 

3/4 Leg                                   $44

Full Leg                                     $50

Bikini                                       $33

G-String                                    $44

Brazilian Maintenance (4-6 wks)      $61

Brazilian (Non-Maintenance)          $66

Brazilian 1st Time                       $71  Under Arm                                $25

Brow tidy up (4 - 6 weekly) 30min   $30

Brow re-sculpture            45min     $40 

Mono Brow Only                        $12

Forehead                                  $20

Lip                                          $15

Chin                                       $18

Nostrils                                    $15

Cheeks                                    $20

Brow tidy + lip + chin                  $58   

Full Face                           from  $70

3/4 Arm  (inc hands + fingers)      $35

Full Arm  (inc hands + fingers)        $40

Gentleman's Waxing & Facials

Back wax                                  $50

Chest + Stomach wax                  $50

Full Leg wax                              $60

Full Arm wax                             $45

Neck wax                                $20

Nose & Ears wax                       $30 

Brow wax                          from $30

Executive Men's Skin Treatment - 60min    (Includes microdermabrasion)         $120

Targets male skin concerns, improves texture, tone & inflammation, while revitalizing the face

& eye area.

Men's Business Facial - 45min      $65

For men’s skin, helps shaving bumps & damage from elements, leaving skin glowing & soft.

Soothing massage calms & hydrates skin.

Lash & Brow Services

Lash Lift + Tint + Keratin treatment      $90

(Gives the look of using lash curler and mascara in one & lasts up to 10 weeks)

Lash tint                                      $25

Brow tint                                     $19

Lash & Brow Tint                           $39

Added Keratin treatment to a tint extra $5

Brow Lamination + keratin              $60

(Brow Lamination is a perm for the brows lasting 6 - 8 weeks, when paired with a tint it gives you fuller, bolder more enhanced brows.)

Brow Lamination + Tint + Keratin     $75  

Brow lamination + Tint + Wax (tidy) + Keratin                                     $ 95

Brow Lamination + Tint + Keratin + Re-sculpturing wax                          $105



All About The Eyes Combo Pack

Lash Lift +Tint + Keratin & Brow Tint & Wax (tidy)                                $120

Lash Lift + Brow Tidy + Keratin + Both tints

Lash Lift & tint + Brow Lamination & tint + Wax (tidy) + Keratin                  $165  Brow tint + wax (tidy)                 $46

Brow wax (tidy) + lash & brow tint $64


Spray Tanning 

Naked Tan Solution

 2hr Wash & Wear Spray Tan       $40

Full Body Scrub + Spray Tan          $90


30 Minute                               $50

60 Minute                               $85

 Hand & Feet Resurfacing Treatment

(Combines Microdermabrasion & Glycolic peel)

Treat for the feet (1hr) -               $70

Hand Treat (45min) -                  $55



IPL Permanent Hair Reduction

Under arms       $38 (F)         $48 (M)

Bikini                $49 (F)

G-String            $60 (F)

Brazilian           $69 (F)

Lip                   $29 (M/F)

Chin                $29 (F)          $32 (M)

Jaw                  $75 (M/F)

Cheeks             $75 (M/F)

Face -               $150 (F)      $159 (M)

Nose -              $20 (M/F)

Mono Brow        $30

Half Arm           $99 (F)       $109 (M)

Full Arm            $149 (F)    $159 (M)

Half Leg           $160 (F)    $170 (M)

Full Leg            $205 (F)    $170 (M)

Nipples           $45   (M/F)

Snail Trail         $45 (F)      $47 (M)

Buttocks           $99 (F)

Back                               $159

Chest & Stomach               $149

Chest OR Stomach             $89

Shoulders                         $75



Brazilian & Underarm        $90 (F)

Lip & Chin                     $50 (M/F)

Bikini & Underarm            $70 (F)

G-String & Underarm        $80 (F)

IPL Pigmentation, Vascular, Acne & Rejuvenation

Hands                           $50

Half Arm                        $100

Full Arm                         $150

Nose                            $30

Cheeks                          $50

Neck                             $60

Décolletage                    $100

Full Face                         $129

Face, Neck & Décolletage $249

Spot                               $45

Pamper Time

One Hour Indulgence           $90

(Back neck & shoulder massage & mini facial)

Two Hour Indulgence            $160

(Full body Massage & Ultimate Hydration facial)


90 min Indulgence                $125

(Full body massage & mini facial)


ASAP Body Treatment (1 hr)      $80

(Renew, relax & indulge with this full body scrub & moisturize treatment)


ASAP Ultimate Pamper Package (3hrs)                                                   $200

(Escape from reality with the ultimate treatment

designed to indulge the body from head to. Full body scrub & moisturise. Followed by a relaxing facial, along with bright eye

treatment, & finally a foot treatment to complete the pampering)

ASAP Glamour Package (90 mins) $120

(Pamper every inch of the body with this facial & body treatment in one)


Skin Clearing Facial - 60min         $100

Glycolic Peel (face + neck + dec)     $90

Benefical for a wide range of skin types, this peel helps to unclog & refine pores while stimulating the natural production of collagen to assist in reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles & encourage skin firmness. Assists in the treatment of acne & mil pigmentation.

Face Only                                 $70


Reveal Peel (face + neck + dec)      $90

(Contains salicylic, lactic & glycolic)

Recommended for mild hyperpigmentation & UV damage. Helps improve skin texture & restores a fresh, more youthful radiance to the skin.

Face Only                                 $70

Lactic Peel (face + neck + dec)       $90

Recommended for dry, mature & sensitive skin types in need of hydration. This peel softens fine lines & wrinkles, targets pigmentation & sun damage & stimulates collagen & elastin production to leave skin feeling smooth & hydrated. 

Face only                                  $70


Microplus+ anti-ageing peel boost $165

(Includes face, neck & décolletage) 75min

An advanced 3 step rejuvenating + regenerating treatment for environmentally aged & fatigued skin. Includes microdermabrasion to exfoliate & polish the skin, professional peel to brighten & improve skin tone combined with sonophoresis for enhanced delivery of vital antioxidants, peptides & vitamins. Will leave skin feeling hydrated, smooth & glowing. 

Anti-ageing Peel Boost   30min      $100

(Includes face, neck & décolletage)

This power packed treatment utilises the latest science-based ingredients to boost cell renewal leaving skin feeling smooth & rejuvenated with a renewed luminosity. 

Acne Peel Boost        30min        $100

(Includes face, neck & décolletage)

An advanced treatment that utilises scientific proven acne fighting ingredients to unblock congested pores reduce sebum production, calm inflammation & restore a natural skin balance. 

Hydrate + Restore Peel Boost 30min $100

(Includes face, neck & décolletage)

Re-energises dull tired skin by stimulating & restoring the skins natural moisturising factor, resulting in firmer, hydrated & glowing skin.

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